Vision is a precious gift of nature to the mankind that helps us to see the beautiful world around us. There are people with reduced or no vision. They can manage very well with the help of other aids. However, having clear sight is the most beautiful thing in our life. We should take good care of our eyes. In case of any anomaly observed, you should immediately get it examined by the doctor or a qualified medical professional.

Department of Ophthalmology & Glaucoma at Matsya Hospital is having the best eye specialists in India on its board. Matsya offers wide-ranging eye care solutions as mentioned below:

- Basic Examination: Eye Check

- Cataract Surgery & Management: Micro Incision Cataract Surgery by Phaco-emulsification with Premium IOL/ Multifocal IOL options

- Diabetic Retinopathy

- Glaucoma Management: Diagnosis, Treatment of Glaucoma, and Glaucoma Surgery

- Refractive Procedures: Vision Correction/ Removal of spectacles

- Lasik Surgery for removal of glasses with wave-front technology

- Computerized Vision Testing

- Contact Lenses


Glaucoma - The Vision Blinder

Glaucoma refers to the group of eye diseases that result in optic nerve damage and irreversible loss of vision. Glaucoma can affect individuals having good vision too. Many forms of Glaucoma may not display any symptoms in the initial stages but the condition may aggravate during the later stages of the disease. The aggravated condition generally causes loss of vision due to irreversible damage to the optic nerve. It is highly recommended to approach a reputed eye hospital for the early detection and treatment of glaucoma to avoid loss of vision.

Glaucoma affects individuals of all age groups, not just the elderly people. However, the chances of glaucoma increase with age. A huge portion of open-angle glaucoma cases being age-related, is the proof for that. Several cases have revealed that glaucoma can occur even in new-born babies.

Affected patients should approach a reputed eye hospital and get treatment through lasers, medications, or glaucoma surgery, etc. The treatment of glaucoma may sometimes pose certain side effects. The dedicated and experienced professionals at Matsya Hospital provide treatment with minimal side effects, and restricts the progression of the disease as much as possible.

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