Operation Theatre

Matsya Hospital is equipped with state of the art operation theatres capable of performing all kinds of surgeries.

  • Modular OT
  • Orthopaedic OT
  • General Surgery OT
  • Emergency OT
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About Operation Theatre

The operation theatre is furnished with all modern needs of today’s operation and surgical procedures in a sterile and hygiene – safe environment. The operation theatre facility is also fully backed up with twenty four hour running power and is well developed to take ‘x’ number of surgical procedures at any given time of the day. Our expert surgeons belonging to diverse medical fields always look out for minimal incisions possible, sometimes even using laser technology and robotic mode of operations for a faster recovery of patients. Our competent teams of nurses and compounders along with medical experts such as anesthesiologists and radiologists are always present to monitor a patient’s condition during a running operation.

Matsya Hospital is responsible health care system that always stands out to the patients hope and trust. We are always careful when dealing with the precious health of our patients. We are just not another hospital, we are a caring home for our patients who are willing to do whatever it takes for our patients full and healthy recovery to a normal life.

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Our Team

Our paramedical professionals and nursing staffs are highly competent and provide great support to our clinical team thus making this hospital a preferred healthcare provider.



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